Functional Area

1.Main lobby

Main lobby is the first place to welcome visitors to the Opera House. It is paved with high quality tiles imported from Italy, of which colors are matching with space and size of the Lobby so it seems to be a big carpet. The chandeliers on the wall are plated with antique copper. Meanwhile the chandeliers overhead is gold coated by new technology.

2. Mirror Room

Mirror Room is the room of important rituals to welcome senior officials of the Government and the heads of State. It is the site where signing of important documents of the Government is taken place. It is also the place where art auditorium performances, press conferences and other small conferences are conducted. Its floor is completely restored in accordance with Mozaic technique. Flooring tiles are imported from Italy and are manually implemented piece by piece under instructions of the Italian craftsmen in order to ensure the work’s sophistication.

3. Audience Room

There is a stage and an audience room of 24x24m inside the Opera House, with total 598 seats on all three floors. The floor is paved with high quality tiles and fireproof carpeted. Seats are designed in classic French style of the 19th century. The ceiling is painted by the French artists. Chandeliers are golden plated according to new technology. The chandeliers on the wall are made of copper in antique style.